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Solar Panel Installation Begins At Canoga Park High School

Solar Panel Installation Begins At Canoga Park High School


LOS ANGELES, Calif., Apr. 23, 1009  /PRNewswire/ -- Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) School Board President Mónica García, Board Member Tamar Galatzan and LAUSD Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines were among the speakers at an event to launch the installation of a high-efficiency solar power system at Canoga Park High School today. Canoga Park High School, located in Galatzan's district, is the first LAUSD school in the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power's (LADWP) coverage area to have a system generating clean, renewable solar power installed.

"Today we flip the first switch in our mission to make LAUSD the greenest school district in America," School Board President Monica Garcia said. "It starts in Canoga Park and downtown, but by 2012 schools from here to Wilmington will have solar panels teaching our students a hands-on lesson in green energy."

"Canoga Park High is among a number of LAUSD facilities that are actively engaged in the battle against global warming," said Galatzan, who represents the school on the board. "The installation of solar panels at Canoga and other schools across the District is a significant development in the ongoing effort to improve the environment in Southern California."

"From recyclable goods to buses that run on 'green' fuel to solar systems on rooftops, we are committed to finding ways to transform LAUSD to be more efficient today in order to build a sustainable and secure future for our students," Superintendent Cortines said.

LAUSD plans to install 50 megawatts of solar power by 2012. Within the next six months, solar systems will be installed at the following additional sites: Ann Street Elementary School, Banning High School, Edward R. Roybal Learning Center, El Dorado Elementary School, Francis Polytechnic Senior High School, Grover Cleveland High School and LAUSD Local District 5 Offices.

"Sustainable schools are the future of Los Angeles and I am so pleased that Canoga Park High School is the pioneer solar site for this project," Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis P. Zine said. "I applaud LAUSD for their commitment to creating a healthy environment for their students while saving energy costs and reducing our carbon footprint. It is fitting that where the LA River begins, so do our conservation efforts."

efficiency and sustainability initiatives and expanding the use of clean, green power in our schools," LADWP General Manager David Nahai said. "By becoming more energy efficient, LAUSD will permanently reduce their power consumption, thereby putting more money where it belongs – in the classroom."


Working closely with LAUSD's Facilities Services Division, Galatzan helped forge an agreement with LADWP earlier this year to provide the necessary incentives to install the systems. The project is fully funded by a combination of the District's recent settlement with the LADWP and from their solar incentive program. LAUSD is partnering with SunPower Corp., a manufacturer of high efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, to deliver the installation that will generate almost 17 percent of the school's annual usage, enough to power approximately 35 homes for a year.

"This project is an important next step for the District to achieve its goal to install 50 megawatts of renewable energy by 2012," LAUSD Chief Facilities Executive Guy Mehula said.

"By generating clean, renewable solar power during the times of day when electricity is most needed and most expensive, these systems will permanently lower operating expenses for LAUSD, and reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted into our environment," SunPower Chief Executive Officer Tom Werner said. "School districts across the country have an opportunity to follow the unprecedented commitment that the Los Angeles Unified School District has made as federal, state and local support for solar is now widely available."

LAUSD's Sustainability Initiatives Program is working to reduce the District's energy consumption, water consumption and green house gas emissions by ten percent by 2012. For more information, please visit www.laschools.org.

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