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KidsCom.com Partners with SunPower Foundation to Launch Interactive Center of Learning
Offers Kids a Fun Way to Learn About Renewable Energy

MILWAUKEE., Apr. 10, 2010  /PRNewswire/ -- KidsCom.com's Idea Seeker Universe, where kids explore a broad range of topics that integrate the virtual world with the real world, today announced the SunPower Foundation Center of Learning (Center of Learning), an interactive education area on the KidsCom.com site that offers a fun and creative way for children to learn about renewable energy.

Through the Center of Learning, KidsCom.com and the SunPower Foundation are empowering America's youth to become energy information experts. Learning through simulations, games and education labs, and with energy experts around the country, children are encouraged to apply this knowledge to make positive changes in their own homes, schools and communities. The Center of Learning aims to support innovative education around the four STEM subjects -- science, technology, engineering, and math -- by using a fun, interactive virtual environment to stimulate learning.

"SunPower is pleased to partner with Kidscom.com to advance the global education on solar and renewable energy, while making it fun in the process," said Jan Soderstrom, SunPower chief marketing officer (NASDAQ: SPWRA)(NASDAQ: SPWRB) and a member of the SunPower Foundation board of directors. "This unique learning environment will appeal to children worldwide, enabling them to take part in interactive demonstrations and other educational techniques."

As part of the Center of Learning, the SunPower Foundation Theater offers avatar learning labs hosted by real world experts and videos of work performed in a variety of scientific fields. Children can also participate in renewable energy simulations that demonstrate how power is used in everyday situations and how they can modify their energy use behavior. Kids can ride a "solar-powered transporter" to the virtual Tech Museum where learning games are based on actual energy exhibits at the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation. They will be able to continue their learning experience by exploring museums, libraries and other public institutions online, and posting stories on their KidsCom.com safe, personal homepages.

"By integrating these learning activities and expert lectures in a fun, safe virtual world environment, KidsCom.com and the SunPower Foundation are using social networking and innovative educational approaches in a way that empowers kids to help change the energy decisions being made in the real world, both at home and in school," said Jorian Clarke, CEO of KidsCom.com. "Giving tomorrow's leaders the tools to impact their environment today is one more example of how KidsCom.com supports parents and educators with opportunities for their kids to Play Smart, Stay Safe, and Have Fun."

About the SunPower Foundation

The SunPower Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on empowering, inspiring and motivating a new generation of solar leaders in global communities. Established by SunPower Corp., the SunPower Foundation partners with key non-profit agencies to develop and distribute education tools that support community-based solar power initiatives around the world. For more information, please visit the SunPower Foundation website at http://www.sunpower.org/.

About KidsCom.com

KidsCom.com's Idea Seeker Universe is populated with virtual worlds where simulation experiences, videos and mini-game learning help to build awareness and interest in real world social issues, solutions, activities, products and services. Known for its unique play with virtual world/real world connections where players in the online game experience are sent to real world experiences, it offers fun learning opportunities that are leading innovation in education and providing engaging opportunities designed to make life better for families. For more information, please visit the Company's web site at www.kidscom.com.

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