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Amman Academy Shines with SunPower Solar Power System

AMMAN, Jordan, May 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- With a 412-kilowatt high efficiency SunPower solar power system installed on its rooftop earlier this year, Amman Academy in Jordan estimates it is now powering approximately 70 percent of its operations with emission-free solar energy.

"Solar power makes sense for schools because it allows them to allocate more budget to academic and enrichment programs for students rather than spend those funds on operational costs such as lighting and air conditioning," said Laurent Longuet, SunPower managing director, Middle East.  "Jordan is a leader in solar power development in the Middle East, and we applaud the country for its policies encouraging homeowners and businesses to reduce their electricity costs by installing solar power systems."

"Global demand for solar increases each year because it is abundant, affordable and helps protect our environment," said Faten Muqattash, principal of Amman Academy, which serves kindergarten through grade 12. "In addition to the health and financial benefits, our new SunPower system is enhancing our students' learning experience and providing them hands-on experience with the science and engineering of solar power technology." 

Designed and constructed by photovoltaic system integrator Mustakbal clean tech, the new system at Amman Academy has been operational since January.

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